How It works

Please contact one of our representatives, send us an email or give us a call. Give us the specifics of your shipments, and we'll send you a custom-made shipping mark and warehouse address. Your supplier(s) will deliver your things to us using this shipping mark and warehouse address. We organize loading and delivery within 10 days of receiving goods. Payment for sea freight is usually made when the goods arrive in the receiving country.


Why Us?

Our unrivaled commitment to client service goes hand in hand with our experience and competence. We will work hard to understand your needs so that we can deliver the finest service possible.


Years of Experience

All our freight partners have been in the sea cargo business for longer than you can imagine and with this comes valuable experience and global reach to serve you properly


Fast Timing

We load containers every week for LCL and FCL, so your cargo doesn't spend time in the warehouse or docks, in order to ensure fast arrival at destination

Best Timing & Prices

We offer probably the best cargo rates from China by getting a big discount from the top qualified logistics & transportation carrier, then provide a large percentage of that to our valuable customer.


If you are buying or importing fragile goods from China, it's sometimes important to insure your product against unforseen damages. We have partnerships with major insurance companies who can rightly protect your interests in such situation. Kindly talk to us if you would need this added service for your shipment.