Terms & Conditions

ZF1 GARDEN LOGISTICS is a legally operating shipping and logistics company. ZF1 agrees to provide shipping and logistics services to the customer, following the terms and conditions stated in this binding document.

IN CONSIDERATION OF the mutual benefits set forth in this agreement, the parties to this agreement agree on the points as follows:


You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this document before doing business with us. You are bound by these terms, and by continuing to use our services, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms

Charges and Rates

  1. 1. ZF1 does not have permanent standard rates/charges for shipping services. Prices vary per given times and are quoted considering all container and freight charges, logistics, ports and operational charges.
  2. 2. At every given time, we advise clients to confirm current rates from our official website, social media handles or offices before sending goods to our warehouse in China. Contrary to this, we will assume that client agrees and consent to the price being charged per the given time. Hence, when the items arrive in Ghana, price will not be subject to discount reviews.
  3. 3. The cost of air cargo is determined by its kilogram (KG) weight.
  4. 4. Charges for sea cargo is dependent on the dimension or CBM of item. (Small boxes are charged based on the weight and item value upon arrival).
  5. 5. Heavy goods, objects, equipment, machineries and the likes attract additional charges based on their weight, volume and item value.

Custom and Clearing

  1. 1. When goods arrive in Ghana, all duties and custom procedures will be handled by ZF1.
  2. 2. Items take 7 to 10 days for them to be cleared unless faced with irregularities which may demand more than 10 days.


  1. 1. Items will be kept in the warehouse for up to 4 days upon arrival.
  2. 2. After 4 days, items will incur a warehouse charge of GHS20 per cbm per day.
  3. 3. Goods stored in our warehouse are subject to warehouse lien and will be auctioned off after 30-days moratorium period

Date of loading

  1. 1. The loading date is not the same as the departure date.
  2. 2. The vessel departs 10 to 12 days following the loading date.


  1. 1. If there is any damage to goods when they arrive at our ware house in China, ZF1 is not responsible for paying damages
  2. 2. Only defective goods officially procured by ZF1 from our verified suppliers will be replaced.
  3. 3. In cases of procurement, if the quality of items not purchased from ZF1 suppliers does not match the criteria, ZF1 cannot be held liable.
  4. 4. If products are damaged upon arrival in Ghana, resulting from mishandling or negligence on the part of ZF1, we will pay half of the duty cost and one-third of the product cost. The following information should be provided by owners of damaged goods:
    1. 1. Proof of payment from supplier of the item
    2. 2. Any important information for claims
  5. 5. If clients agree to purchase an item after receiving audio and visual confirmation (quality assurance), ZF1 will not be held liable
  6. 6. We advise clients to ensure that electronic and fragile items are well package by their suppliers before sending them to our warehouse. ZF1 will not be financially responsible for client negligence.
  7. 7. Before sending fragile things to our warehouse, they should be appropriately wrapped. If your property is damaged, ZF1 assumes no responsibility. (Breakables)
  8. 8. Before picking up items from the Ghanaian warehouse, they should be thoroughly scrutinized.
  9. 9. ZF1 is not responsible for the amount or quality of items not procured by ZF1's supplier.
  10. 10. Before sending to the Chinese warehouse, double-check quantity and quality.
  11. 11. Any illegal item (battery goods) sent to our warehouse without stating the contents of the cargo will be confiscated, for example, no battery, liquid, or powder goods supplied by air.
  12. 12. ZF1 assumes no responsibility for products sent by air (delay and damages)
  13. 13. Because ZF1 does not inspect the contents of any commodities sent to the warehouse, failure to declare items is prohibited.
  14. 14. ZF1 will not issue refunds for things that the client has agreed to buy.

Packing List for Goods

All items sent to the warehouse should be accompanied by a packing list and a copy sent to us. Every packing list requested for should contain the following:

  1. 1. HS code
  2. 2. Unit
  3. 3. Gross weight
  4. 4. Product description
  5. 5. Total Package
  6. 6. Size/Dimension
  7. 7. Quantity
  8. 8. Net weight
  9. 9. Volume/CBM

Below is an example of a packing list for reference.

Marks No Item No HS Code Product description Unit Total Package Net weight kgs Gross weight kgs Size MM Volume/CBM
JASON MACHINE TO: Life in the garden PACKAGING MACHINE MADE IN CHINA JS-22D 8422303090 PACKAGING MACHINE 1 set 1 300 350 (L)1200*(W)900*(H)1940 2.1
Lewis Amponsah RUTH, KL 798 Total 1 __ 1 300 350 __ 2.1